Magellan Echo smart running watch now available for $149

Want a smarter watch but not quite a smartwatch to track your workouts? The Magellan Echo may be the perfect compromise: It connects to a smartphone but only for music controls and in-app workout data at a glance.

Can Breaking Bad’s Story Sync get viewers to give up their DVRs?

All summer, AMC has been pushing its Story Sync real-time viewing experience for Breaking Bad like it’s 99% pure crystal — but does a second screen subtract from one’s enjoyment of television’s most meth-y drama? This reporter boldly investigates.

Record and Share Handwritten Notes With Livescribe Connect

As much as I like apps like Evernote, I still take a lot of hand-written notes, which is why I was interested in the new interactive “pencasts” available for the Livescribe Echo Smartpen, a digital pen that can record notes on paper and audio.

Third-Party Comment Systems Will Still Compete With Facebook

The buzz around upgrades to Facebook’s nascent comments service makes it sound as if the social network is about to launch another world-dominating technology. In reality, that’s an unlikely scenario, since there’s still plenty of room for competitive innovation as far as comment systems go.

Mainstream Commenters Choose Yahoo Logins

When given a choice of login systems, visitors to mainstream media properties such as Slate, Forbes, Newsweek, Discovery, Time and Press Enterprise are most likely to choose Yahoo, according to data collected by commenting system Echo, which helps power such sites.