EchoStar Now DISH Network — Spins Off SlingBox, Set-Top Biz

EchoStar is spinning off its set-top box (including Sling Media) and fixed satellite businesses. The move could mean one of two things: DISH is ready to sell itself to Ma Bell, or it wants to compete aggressively in the 700 MHz auctions and build itself into a broadband-enabled satellite TV company.

AT&T Gets in the Black Friday Mood

[qi:086] With its old-line businesses losing steam, AT&T is looking at new revenue streams. It has already diversified into video through its U-verse and HomeZone services; now it’s looking to shore up its Yellow Pages business. It is buying click-to-call service provider Ingenio and plans to integrate it into the online version of its directory services.
One interesting point to note here: The old AT&T (T) would have tried to build its own solution. The Texan version is shopping. Meanwhile, is reporting that a deal for satellite TV provider EchoStar (DISH) might be close. Rumors of the deal have done the rounds before.