When big IT goes after big data on the smart grid

With many utilities facing the task of storing petabytes of smart meter data for as long as seven years in order to satisfy regulatory requirements, the ability to house and leverage the massive load of data accumulating from the smart grid is a significant IT challenge.

Landis+Gyr snaps up Ecologic Analytics for grid big data

Meter giant Landis+Gyr has snapped up smart meter data management company Ecologic Analytics, the companies announced on Tuesday. Ecologic Analytics has been around for over a decade, and Landis + Gyr was already a minority shareholder in the firm. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

There’s Gold In Smart Grid Data

Smart grid data analytics, or software and services that can mine power grid data, will grow from a $356 million market to $4.2 billion by 2015, Pike Research predicts.

Bringing Utility Billing to Telecom Speeds

Smart meter systems, like cellphone networks, transmit and crunch a lot of real-time customer data, and customers don’t particularly like it when their bills don’t come out right. But tools that phone companies use to make sure bills are accurate can also help utilities.

A Quiet Smart Grid Software Player to Watch: Ecologic Analytics

A decade-old software firm called Ecologic Analytics has been quietly cleaning up when it comes to the software link that connects smart meter data to a utilities’ back office (commonly called meter data management systems, or MDMS). This morning the company, which has meter maker Landis + Gyr as a minority shareholder, announced that utility Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) will be using its meter data management system for its smart grid program.

Last summer the folks at Ecologic told us that its software was connecting 14 million meters, including meters from large utilities like Oncor, PG&E (s PCG), Austin Energy, and Puget Sound. The company, not surprisingly works a lot in conjunction with Landis + Gyr.
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Video Calls on the iPhone, Courtesy of Fring

As our sister site GigaOM reports, video calling has indeed arrived on the iPhone. It’s just a little one-way, is all. A new version of Fring supports video calls made using both its own and the Skype network, but you’re only able to receive video, not transmit it, since the camera on the iPhone 3GS still resides on the side of the phone opposite the screen.

So long as you have iPhone OS 3.0 installed on your iPhone, you should be able to receive video calls with Fring from desktop and certain Nokia phone users once you install the update. As with everything cool on the iPhone, you’ll have to have a Wi-Fi connection to use video calling features, just as you must to make and receive voice calls, too. This despite AT&T’s (s att) announcement that it would allow VOIP on its network. Read More about Video Calls on the iPhone, Courtesy of Fring

Oncor Names Smart Meter Partners: IBM, Ecologic Analytics

oncorsmartmetersmallTexas utility Oncor may have rolled out almost 250,000 smart meters to customers already, but it won’t be building out all that network infrastructure alone. On Wednesday morning, some of Oncor’s partners announced their participation in the smart meter installation (planned to reach 3.4 million by 2012), including computing giant IBM (s IBM) and software maker Ecologic Analytics.

IBM tells us it has been working on the Oncor smart meter project for a good year, but has been waiting for the rollout to reach a substantial size before talking about its involvement. IBM describes its work on the Oncor project as “the lead systems integrator” and says it will be providing its software to increase security and reliability of the smart meter system. IBM says it is working on dozens of other smart grid projects, including the smart city Amsterdam project.
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