The internal combustion engine 2.0 emerges

A startup backed by Khosla Ventures called Transonic Combustion has raised another round of $32 million to deliver a more efficient internal combustion engine. How far away is a more efficient internal combustion 2.0?

Why the days of the internal combustion engine are NOT over

Here’s some sobering news out of the raucous fourth of July weekend: considering battery prices and $4.50 per gallon gasoline, it’ll take a little under 6 years for a hybrid car to pay off in fuel savings, and 8 years for an electric car.

Ford Taps Tiny Bubbles for Lighter, More Fuel Efficient Cars

Ford is turning to a new tech to reduce the weight of its cars and improve fuel efficiency: tiny bubbles. Ford says it is trialling a technology out of the labs of MIT, now owned by Trexel, called MuCell, which injects micro bubbles into plastic components.

UPDATED: Boxee Box in Stores This November

The Boxee Box is in production, and will reach stores as early as late October, according to new information from Boxee (see update after the jump). The company’s Chief Product Officer Zach Klein showed off the very first mass-produced unit in a video today.