13 biggest moments in cleantech in 2013

Here’s the 13 biggest things I paid attention to this year around next-generation energy, sustainability, and resource management. Oh heck, let’s just keep calling it cleantech.

Electric Cars Meet the Cellular Network

The new wave of electric cars will be connected cars, both via a power cord, but also through the increased use of communication networks. The latest example of this comes from Sprint, which is providing the connection for Ecotality’s Blink electric car charging stations.

ABB Backs ECOtality as U.S. EV Charging Partner

Swiss grid giant ABB has put $10 million into car charging company ECOtality and linked a North American manufacturing agreement. Looks like ABB is picking its preferred winner for the U.S. car charging network to come.

Fast EV Charging’s Long and Bumpy Road to Success

Cutting electric vehicle charging time from hours to minutes is a holy grail of the car charging industry. But plenty of bumps lie ahead for the dream of a gas station equivalent for the EV market.