iOS 5: Camera and photo editing

It’s an old adage: The best camera is the one you have with you. For photo editing, the adage may soon be: The best editor is the one can you have with you. With iOS 5, the photo editing capabilities of your iPhone are greatly improved.

Apple continues to blur the line between pro and consumer

Final Cut Pro X represents a huge cost savings over its predecessor. But this definitely isn’t the first time Apple has professional caliber tools available at prices within reach of some consumer budgets, and it probably won’t be the last.

Google Turns on Desktop Docs Editor for iPad

Google made it possible to edit and create Google Docs documents with your iPad on Nov. 17, but the editor it introduced lacked many features. Late Dec. 9, the company introduced the ability to switch to the full version of the editor to access those features.

Google Docs Editing for iOS Devices Now a Reality

Google announced today that it has made good on a promise made a few months ago to bring Google Docs editing to Apple’s iOS devices. The new editor will be rolled out to English-language users around the world over the next few days.

Crocodoc: Quick Document Collaboration

Collaborating on PDFs or PowerPoint presentations can make a person crazy, especially if you’re coordinating the efforts of multiple editors. Even if everyone involved has the necessary software, trying to manage everyone’s different comments can be a recipe for disaster.

How to Get Feedback On Your Writing Cheaply and Easily

If you want to become better as a writer, there’s only so much you can do working alone. Or, at least, your progress working solo on improving the caliber of your material will be much slower than it would be if you weren’t your only critic. A much better idea than going it alone, whether you’re working full-time as a freelance writer or just have to produce copy on a regular basis for your own marketing and communications materials, is to enlist the help of others. Many hands make light work, after all.

But how to go about enlisting that kind of help, especially without spending a sizable amount on professional editing services? I’ll let you in on a little secret: You don’t need a pro to help you improve, and you don’t need to be a pro to help others. Read More about How to Get Feedback On Your Writing Cheaply and Easily

ReelDirector: Full-featured Video Editing Comes to the iPhone

reeldirectorDespite some predictions to the contrary, the iPhone 3GS launched without a portable version of iMovie for editing of clips. Yes, you can scrub and trim video you shoot on the device in the native Camera app, but beyond that, you can’t do much. New app ReelDirector changes all that, for the relatively low price of $7.99.

It sounds like a decent deal, but I decided to download the app and find out just what the first real video editing app for the iPhone was capable of. Might I be able to become the next film ingenue sensation with only my 3GS? Read More about ReelDirector: Full-featured Video Editing Comes to the iPhone

Does Apple Still Need Microsoft Office?

MS_Office_2010_LogoOn August 6th, 1997, Steve Jobs stood on a stage in Boston and announced that Microsoft (s msft) had purchased $150 million in non-voting stock and promised to continue to develop Office for five years. While the crowd reacted as if had he announced his love of Pabst Blue Ribbon, it’s one of the moves that’s widely regarded as having helped Apple recover as a company.

Microsoft recently announced its plans for Office 2010 — although the scant details make me think this was really just a “No, no, don’t go use the Exchange features in Snow Leopard; we’ve got you covered” move. Which begs the question: Does Apple (s aapl) still need Office for the Mac, like they did 12 years ago? Read More about Does Apple Still Need Microsoft Office?