How social media affects protest movements: It’s complicated

In a new research paper, sociologist Zeynep Tufekci argues that while social media can empower dissidents and make it easier to organize, governments are getting smarter — and the same things that make such tools useful also have a downside

We are all bandwidth hogs now

Last year demand for bandwidth rose by 40 percent, and much of that demand is now coming from all over the world, not just in developed countries.

Reports: Syria is cut off from the internet and how it may have happened

Syria, which is engaged in a citizen revolt, has been cut off from the Internet according to several reports. This tactic isn’t all that difficult implement and is becoming more common, making the need for new open source technologies for wireless communications necessary.

Andy Carvin on Twitter as a newsroom and being human

In a discussion about his use of Twitter as a reporting tool, NPR strategist Andy Carvin made some interesting points about the value of crowdsourced journalism — including the importance of being transparent about the process, and the virtues of being human.

Syria, citizen journalism and the capital “T,” truth

Citizen journalism and social-media tools have made it easier to get information out of countries like Egypt and Syria, but in some cases these reports may not be true. Does that mean citizen journalism is unreliable? No. It just means we need to approach it differently.

How much should we trust our new information overlords?

The news that Twitter will be censoring tweets has reinforced for many the fact that our freedoms exist at the mercy of the companies whose networks we are using — and being used by. How much trust should we have in these new information gatekeepers?

Looks like there’s no Pulitzer for Twitter reporting

A spokesman for the board that oversees the Pulitzer Prize awards for journalism says live reporting of a news event using Twitter would not qualify for a Pulitzer unless it also appeared on a traditional news website. But does that definition fit how journalism works now?