My Life as an EIR

Many venture firms have EIRs: either Executives-in-Residence or Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. But what, exactly, do they do? Zach Urlocker lifts the veil on this role, detailing his several-month stint as an EIR.

DOE’s First Entrepreneur In Residence Program: FAIL

Here’s more feedback that the Department of Energy’s first entrepreneur-in-residence program, which paired entrepreneurs from three well-known venture capital firms (Kleiner Perkins, Foundation Capital and ARCH Venture Partners) with national labs, just didn’t deliver: Foundation Capital’s DOE EIR participant Michael Bauer is back working as an EIR for Foundation Capital and looking for his next energy company to launch, reports the New York Times.
Bauer, who worked in the DOE EIR project at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, tells the Times that the DOE EIR program “[W]as fascinating but also very disappointing. . . I looked at 1,500 invention disclosures and walked away from 1,500 ideas.” The original idea for the program was that these chosen entrepreneurs would enter the labs, which are chock full of energy intellectual property that have yet to be turned into businesses, and spin out a cleantech company in 3-4 month.
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