Satellite Player Skyterra Ready to Try Again

msv-satellite-with-beamsAfter winning the right to offer a satellite and cellular-based mobile voice and data service, raising $500 million in capital and restructuring its ownership, Skyterra (formerly Mobile Satellite Ventures) is getting ready for what it hopes will be two game-changing years. The company will launch a new satellite in 2009, and in 2010, it will see Qualcomm (s QCOM) integrate radios into its cellular chips that can communicate with Skyterra’s satellite network. Skyterra may also complete a merger with Inmarsat, if regulators sign off on it. This all means Skyterra would have both the ability to provide service, and a reasonably priced device on which to provide it.┬áBut there’s still the issue of building a viable business model. Read More about Satellite Player Skyterra Ready to Try Again