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How will Tuesday’s election results affect the country’s green technology hopes? With Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives, observers say chances are likely gone for any kind of broad-ranging climate and carbon legislation in President Obama’s first term. Pared-down energy goals, such as a utility-only carbon cap-and-trade regime or establishing a national renewable energy standard, are also going to face opposition in a Republican-controlled House. Even GOP energy favorites such as subsidies for nuclear power may have trouble amidst a Tea Party-driven, cost-slashing approach in the newly elected Congress, certain observers noted. Still, there were some green-pleasing statewide election results, such as California voters’ rejection of a ballot measure to overturn the state’s greenhouse gas law and wins by Democratic governors in California and Massachusetts.

Election Badges, Vote by Check-In and Twitter Bubbles

If badges, check-ins, tweets and other social tools are your thing, here’s a roundup of some of the services and features involved in tomorrow’s elections — including a special Foursquare badge, a Facebook “get out the vote” challenge, and a location app for tracking voter interest.

Microsoft Releases IE Patch for Browser Exploit

microsoft-ie-logoIn case you missed it yesterday, news hit of a serious browser exploit in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer with regards to remote code execution. And it wasn’t just the latest version of the browser used by the majority of computer users, but prior versions as well. The good news is that alternative browsers like Firefox, Opera and Safari aren’t subject to the issue. The even better news is that Microsoft already has a patch available for download according to Lifehacker.

If you’re running IE 5.01, 6, or 7, you’ll want to grab the update direct from Microsoft and put your mind at ease. And commence comments of “No, you should switch to [insert browser name here]…” in 3, 2, 1… GO! 😉

The Final Online Video Tally: Obama’s Long Primary Season Prepped Him for the Win

Barack Obama beat John McCain by a narrow margin in the popular vote and a hearty margin in the electoral college. But what about the online video vote, where it all comes down to the number of views? There the margin was somewhere in between, with Obama pulling in nearly 900 million views compared to McCain’s 550 million.
That’s according to divinity Metrics, a video analytics startup that measures the spread of videos for marketers and content producers. CEO Rajeev Kadam noted that Obama’s video view lead was built up, in part, by the long Democratic primary race, where he was fighting Hillary Clinton in person and on the web while McCain sat pretty as his party’s chosen candidate. (Sorry, but you’ll have to click on the graphs above to see them in full size; they’re too wide for our column.)
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Historic Election Day Sets Traffic Records

akamaielectionWith unprecedented resources for tracking yesterday’s election online, visitors flocked to news sites in droves. But notably, while web and cable viewer numbers were sizzling hot, the big three networks were down 16 percent vs. the election four years ago. ABC was down 2 percent, NBC 24 percent, and CBS 25 percent. Cable networks CNN and Fox News Channel actually beat CBS last night, according to preliminary numbers.
Here are some of the early web traffic returns.
Akamai (via The content delivery network saw a peak of 8.57 million global visitors per minute at the time Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech, topping a previous high of 7.3 million in July 2006 when Ghana eliminated the U.S. in the World Cup. Akamai powers CNN, NBC, the BCC, Reuters and others. It started tracking web traffic peaks in August 2005.
CNN: The news site had more than 27 million unique visitors, a site record, on Nov. 4. Its Live video service delivered 4.9 million live streams (nearly tripling its previous record). Plus 276 million page views for and 6.7 million on-demand video streams.
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Election-Themed Videos That Are Too Late to the Game

Tomorrow, no matter who wins the presidential election, there’s one group that will definitely be in a sad state — the intrepid content creators that have been putting out politically themed videos this week. So take a moment to mourn the online video filmmaker who produced a hilarious video while fighting off his Halloween hangover, because no matter how brilliant the concept, there’s an expiration date on America’s attention. Wednesday morning, we’ll wake up with a new America, and all of these videos will feel like old news.
But the fact that these videos are getting in just under the wire doesn’t mean they aren’t funny. Take, for example, Lando Calrissian for President, which is a hilarious mesh of Star Wars and American politics.
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Earth2Tech Energizes the Vote!

The big day is finally here, folks! You can have your say in how the federal and local governments will deal with clean energy, alternative transportation, getting the U.S. off foreign oil and fighting climate change. Obviously there’s the historic presidential election, but there are also a variety of state and local initiatives looking at these issues in your various states and cities — read ’em carefully, there are some tricky ones out there. What are the deal breakers for you?
Obama/Biden Ticket:
Obama’s alternative energy plan entails doling out $150 billion over 10 years to fund projects in a broad swath of cleantech sectors. Obama’s overarching environmental goal is to reduce America’s greenhouse gas emissions to 80 percent below our 1990 levels by 2050, and he wants to institute a cap-and-trade system to manage carbon emissions where 100 percent of the credits will be auctioned off, ensuring that all polluters pay for all of their pollution.
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Sarah Palin Pranked, Campaign Condensed: NTV Station Today

Tomorrow’s Election Day, which means this is the last day of the campaign and a fine time for retrospection. You probably don’t have a lot of time, though, so let’s remember the 2008 Presidential Campaign in 1 minute, courtesy of comedy mavericks 23/6.

Over the weekend, you might have heard about that Sarah Palin prank call — in which the Masked Avengers fooled the Alaskan Governor with their President Nicolas Sarkozy imitation. But why is it that YouTube is the best place to hear the audio from that call? Check out our theories over on NewTeeVee Station!