Sprint Treo 650 in 2 Weeks

It seems like Treo 650 from Sprint is going to ship within two weeks if you order it from their website. I have learnt that AT&T is going to be making a similar announcement within a couple of days as well. Sprint, has apparently cornered all the Treo 650s that were made. I just wonder what’s going to happen with the Q4 results for PalmOne. They will be struggling to make their numbers.

Irrascible and some personal musings

I just returned from Michigan, after spending a brief but absolutely enjoyable time with my sister, my two lovely nieces including a six week old, my brother-in-law and my mom! Well, you have heard stories about Jewish moms. Indian moms are times ten. She cooked, and cooked and cooked. And I ate and ate. I had forgotten how good home cooked Indian food tastes. I forgot, that I might be an author, a journalist, or whatever… but to mom I am still four years old. Except when she reminded me that I am not getting younger and should settle down. I already miss her. Oh sweet days of bliss… coming back, there is just too much to do, too many emails to answer and of course too many blog posts to read. (In case you were wondering, hyper-blogging will resume in a day or so. After I have digested the food, and the memories!)

The most enjoyable thus far, Paul Kedrosky’s colorful description of my contrarian thinking.

The irrascible Om Malik doesn’t like Google desktop. Among the most contrarian people I know, Om can be counted on to find an orthogonal way of looking at seemingly over-covered subjects. Case in point: Google’s new desktop search tool:

Thanks Paul, and thanks Forbes for teaching me how to think different. Thanks Paul, for I find you equally erudite and pointed in your analysis. Another must read to my list is James Enck who in this post highlights the differences between US and Europe when it comes to FTTH. Switching back to Google versus Blinkx, Paul agrees with about the UI. I found that others who also wondered about the web UI translated to a desktop UI. Another different opinion here.

I leave You with a gem from SanSpeak:

I have noticed a new trend here in the name and that is modification in the Domain name : Ryze.com (Rize), Bryght.com (Bright) and now Yelp.com (Help) & Indian oldy Indya.com (India) . “Y” is cool these days…

SBC Scores a VoIP Homerun

The Wall Street Journal reports that SBC Communications will build an Internet phone service for 50,000 Ford Motor Co. employees in 110 locations, making it one of the largest such contracts ever. This is one of the largest corporate VoIP deployments, and hopefully this will meet more success than past deployments including the infamous Merrill Lynch deployment, where the Wall Streeters ripped out their Cisco gear in frustration. SBC will be using Cisco gear, which makes me wonder about how successful this is going to be. Previous experiments have not been that successful, and lets just leave it at that.

Wall Street Journal says that this deal is a sign that “large businesses are increasingly interested in upgrading their telephone systems to state-of-the-art Internet calling technology, even though the Internet-calling market for businesses is still nascent.” I had a meeting with some executives from BellSouth, who said and i quote, “there is more smoke than fire” in the enterprise market place. Earlier I had posted a column on why IP-PBX and enterprise VoIP were going to see a slow deployment. The Journal also reports that Verizon is going to rollout a quasi-unified messaging product dubbed “Iobi that will allow consumers to route phone calls, store caller ID phone numbers on contact lists and forward voice mails via e-mail by way of their PC.”

08/22/2004 Blog Gems

MobileTracker’s new mobile phones round-up

With all the phones coming out every second day, I am delighted to point you to a special report compiled by my pal Jon Gales who runs MobileTracker.net, (and incidentally designed GigaOM). This is a one stop read on the very latest in cell phones – Motorola A630, Motorola MPx, Motorola MPx220, Motorola V220, Motorola V551, Motorola V710, NEC 535, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6230, Nokia 7610, Nokia N-Gage Treo 610, Sony Ericsson K700 / K700i, and Sidekick 2.