Survey: Tell us your thoughts on the fate of Fisker

Fisker Automotive seems to be close to bankruptcy and just went through a hearing on Capital Hill. We invite GigaOM Readers to share their thoughts on the electric vehicle maker and how this news will affect the larger cleantech sector.

Getting to gross margin: Tesla’s year ahead

Tesla continues with its goal of getting EVs to the mass market after announcing its fourth-quarter earnings. But the challenges the Model S-maker faces are many, and there are limits on how much the company can scale.

Is Detroit buying Verizon’s LTE-connected-car vision?

Verizon recently has aggressively pursued its LTE-connected-car strategy, buying up Hughes Telematics and on Wednesday launching a new initiative with foreign car manufacturers. But not all automakers are necessarily on board with Verizon’s dream of embedding 4G into every car.

Battery breakthrough could bring electric cars to all

A startup called Envia Systems that’s been working on lithium ion battery technology says it’s developed a key breakthrough that could one day lead to an electric car that has a 300-mile range and could cost around $25,000 to $30,000.

We can thank Moore’s Law for the VC cleantech bust

One of the key misplaced assumptions that Valley VCs made in cleantech boom times is that the rapid progress of Moore’s Law could be created for cleantech with a little bit of VC funding and Valley smarts.

The top 10 trends from the year’s big smart grid show

One of the year’s largest smart grid conferences — DistribuTECH — closes today in San Antonio, Texas. It’s like the CES for utilities, power companies and the vendors that are trying to sell them stuff. Here are the top 10 trends I took away.