Savvy rebrands as Eyeona to help retailers fight Amazon

Pricetector, which launched a price adjustment service called in November, is rebranding under the name Eyeona, as it looks to become an even more useful tool to both consumers and retailers. Eyeona’s goal is to help retailers build a stronger relationship with consumers.

Fancy turns social discovery into social commerce

Fancy, a self-expression social site, is launching a new demand-driven commerce model today that will let vendors and retailers sign up to be a seller on any item fancied on the site. They will be able to conduct the transaction right on Fancy.

Boku targets carriers with in-store payment system

Boku up until now has been known for enabling carrier billing for online goods. But the San Francisco payment start-up is leaping into the physical world with the launch of a new white label offering for carriers that will include in-store payments.

Zipmark’s payment system looks to retire the checkbook

Zipmark, which leverages the existing check-processing infrastructure to create a digital payment system, is opening up its platform to developers. It’s also poised to release an iPhone app next month, enabling consumers to pay bills and make transactions from their phone.

BlackLocus and the retailing price revolution

The top 20 Internet retailers changed their prices 30 times more often than their peers who had lower sales during the holiday season in 2011, according to BlackLocus, a startup that helps companies set competitive prices online. Its goal is to transform retail pricing with data.

Tablets: the perfect shopping device

In just a short time, modern tablets have become potent shopping tools that generate an outsize effect on online commerce. 2011 was the year that the tablet became an online retailer’s best friend as it emerged as the preferred device for many shoppers to make purchases.

VeriFone equips retailers for the future of shopping

Payment system provider VeriFone is arming its merchants and retailers with new tools to handle the evolutions in commerce. At the National Retail Federation convention this week, the company, is demonstrating how it can help merchants become more mobile, more responsive and dynamic.

Donahoe to lead PayPal for now, maybe forever

PayPal president Scott Thompson’s departure for Yahoo highlights the changing face of eBay, which increasingly looks at PayPal as its crown jewel. And who better to safeguard that than eBay CEO John Donohoe, who has announced he will take over PayPal as interim president.

Verizon’s New Year’s vow: Cut back on credit cards

Looking to cut billing costs and buff its green credentials, Verizon Wireless has spent the last few years encouraging its customers to move to paperless billing. Now with millions of customers reading and paying their bills online, Verizon is springing a “convenience” fee trap.