EFF files to invalidate troll’s abusive podcasting patent

It’s a sad fact that patent trolling is pretty much everywhere these days, with businesses large and small — and even Martha Stewart — among the victims. But the Electronic Frontier Foundation is trying to take down one troll, Personal Audio, by filing to invalidate the company’s patent — in which it claims to have invented podcasting. The EFF has raised more than $75,000 to challenge Personal Audio, which has spent the year harassing popular podcasters and slammed three television networks with lawsuits. Now, it’s up to the EFF to hurdle through the red tape.

Why Google shouldn’t have to admit its privacy sins

An activist group is trying to block a $22.5 million settlement between the FTC and Google because it doesn’t require the company to admit wrong-doing. The group is making mischief rather than raising a serious policy problem.