Google Books judge lets librarians, EFF weigh in on Authors Guild case

Judge Denny Chin has allowed a coalition of scholars, librarians and digital activists to file briefs in support of Google as part of the long-running copyright controversy over the company’s book scanning. The ruling will serve to draw further attention to fair use issues.

SOPA and PIPA for newbies

If you’re just hearing about SOPA and PIPA, the complexity of these controversial bills can seem daunting. Here’s your quick guide to the proposed pieces of legislation and a one-stop shop of resources that can help you learn much, much more.

Privacy Group Demands FTC Investigation Into Google Buzz

Despite apologies from Google, and changes to the innerworkings of its Buzz social networking service, a high-profile privacy group has taken its complaints to the Federal Trade Commission. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has urged the FTC to open an investigation into Buzz.

Big Brother Can Spy on Me If I Work for Him?

Everybody’s worried about lack of online privacy, but it seems like if you work for the U.S. government, you ought to be more worried than most. Two legal cases stand poised to heavily influence the online rights of government workers.

Net Censorship Abusers “Honored” Through Comeuppance

The Electronic Frontier Foundation today unveiled its latest effort to haul Internet censorship abusers into the spotlight and in front of the crowds that they presumably dread. The Takedown Hall of Shame “focuses on the most egregious examples of takedown abuse, including an example of a YouTube video National Public Radio tried to remove just this week that criticizes same-sex marriage,” according to the EFF’s announcement of the site.  Amusingly, the EFF is choosing to call individuals and organizations who make it to the Hall of Shame “honorees.” Among other honorees, NBC gets a nod for requesting removal of an Obama campaign video and CBS is recognized for targeting a McCain video in the important months before the 2008 election.

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