Elemental Live Shakes Up the Economics of Video Streaming

Elemental Technologies today unveiled the latest version of its video encoding platform, aimed at giving video distributors a more efficient way to encode live and on-demand video streams. With a GPU-accelerated processing system and proprietary algorithms for video encoding, the new Elemental Live system is designed to lower the cost of streaming video to multiple platforms and devices.

Elemental Live can encode up to four simultaneous 1080p HD video feeds or eight simultaneous 720p streams in a single platform. That’s important for today’s media publishers, which are increasingly moving to adaptive bitrate technologies that require multiple encodes of a single feed. Encoding multiple versions of a stream at different bitrates allows the video to adjust to changing network conditions, showing the highest-quality stream available to an end user at any given time.

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Video: The Changing Economics of Video Processing

Along with the prediction that the Internet will not destroy pay TV because consumers will demand a high-quality experience across their various platforms, Sam Blackman’s Elemental Technologies launched its parallel processing video server at our NewTeeVee Live conference yesterday.
In a further conversation with Stacey from GigaOM on the show floor, Blackman predicted the cost of computing would be less than the cost of caching within three years, which would change the business of how people store and transcode content to make it more flexible. Here’s the video; for more, see Stacey’s post on GigaOM.

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