Stanford Graduate Students Saving Babies By Spreading Video

You take the idealism of college students, you combine it with the message-spreading power of social media, and in this case you end up with a nice little story about saving babies in the Third World. Three students at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business created a three-minute video for a class entitled “The Power of Social Technology,” to raise awareness about an organization called Embrace.

Embrace, which itself was founded by a group of Stanford graduate students, has developed a portable incubator for low-birth-weight babies that requires no electricity and costs about $25 each. The video made by Karla Gallardo, Aastha Gupta and Lavanya Ashok, which focuses on encouraging donations to Embrace, frames a $25 contribution to the organization as an opportunity to save a life, showcasing the life of just one Indian child as an example.

A hope. A life. An Embrace. from Karla Gallardo on Vimeo.

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