Palm Pre Homebrew App of the Day– BlockChalk

BlockchalkThe Palm (s palm) Pre homebrew app catalog is up to 197 programs and today’s pick is a program that was previously only available on the iPhone and the Android (s goog) platform. BlockChalk is hard to describe– it is a sophisticated graffiti program that lets you leave notes for those who pass your way later. Users type in a short anonymous note about the surroundings and those who come by later can see what was written. Think of it as taking chalk to a wall or the sidewalk (thus, the name).
BlockChalk uses the integrated GPS function of the Pre so it handles the geo-tagging of the notes automatically. It’s a lot of fun and can be useful, especially in large cities. Imagine you enter a deli and are wondering what might be good. You check BlockChalk and discover that someone left a note declaring the chicken salad to be quite good. That’s pretty useful information that can provide a nice lunch experience.

After Sony BMG, Project Playlist Signs Up EMI

projectplaylistProject Playlist, a Palo, Alto, Calif.-based service that allows you to create and share playlists, has signed up EMI Music, a move that will allow users access to EMI’s catalog. They previously ran afoul of record labels but seem to have made peace with them. Earlier this year, Project Playlist signed up the Sony BMG label. I like these kinds of socially aware playlist companies because they allow me to not only listen to my favorite tunes, but to discover new artists. (Related: More playlist startups.)

Qtrax Loses Tracks

In the how-not-to-launch-a-business category we have Qtrax, an ad-supported peer-to-peer music download network that had supposedly signed deals with all four major record labels and was launching today with a catalog of 25 million songs. Only it doesn’t seem to have those deals with the record labels after all.

While Qtrax CEO Allan Klepfisz assures the world that this is all a misunderstanding and deals would be signed soon (and I was able to find a few press releases and stories indicating that both EMI and Universal Music Group had signed some kind of deal with Qtrax), the site doesn’t have 25 million songs and so far appears to have scored little more than some incredibly negative press.

It’s only the first month of the year, but this should certainly be a contender for the Business 2.0 Fortune 101 Dumbest Moments in Business for 2008.