Why data centers have a big impact on the economy

Data Centers have come under attack as terminally wasteful and “dirty” enterprises that offer little in the way of jobs. Joe Weinman, senior VP at Telx, disputes that, and says in fact they indirectly employee countless thousands across many industries.

Changing of the media guard

YouTube now has over 1 million content partners accepting advertising on their videos. Put another way, that means there are more than 1 million people creating and distributing content on YouTube who are in some sense “professional.”

Causecast takes corporate philanthropy beyond the Fortune 500

Los Angeles-based startup Causecast this week debuted its Employee Impact Platform, a web-based program that connects companies and their employees with non-profits and charitable causes. With Causecast, small businesses can compete with larger, more established companies when it comes to offering employees ways to give back.

How do you hire great engineers? Give them a challenge

Good engineers are tough to come by, a fact of life for many startups. That’s why Quixey invented the Quixey Challenge, a coding puzzle for engineers that gives them a minute to fix a bug in a famous algorithm, which it uses as a recruiting tool.

Now hiring in tech? Pony up the perks

As millions of Americans grapple with unemployment, many technology companies are actually desperate to hire new people. Folks with skills such as software and web development are in high demand nowadays, especially in Silicon Valley. And startups are going to great lengths to lure them in.

What Sheryl Sandberg shows us about the future of work

The profile of Sheryl Sandberg in the New Yorker this week purports to be about women in technology, but it’s also a glimpses into the evolving state of the workplace in an entrepreneurial and highly connected world -– the future of work for the professional class.

Namesake takes entrepreneurial networking mobile with iOS app

Social networking startup Namesake launched an iOS app Tuesday. The app brings Namesake, which we billed as “Facebook for the self-employed” last year, to Apple devices in wrapper better suited for mobile access. The app is good enough to merit a look, even for non-Namesake users.

Reports: Technology Job Outlook Improving

Three new reports suggest that opportunities for technology jobs are outpacing the wider job market. Postings for information technology positions grew by 82 percent over December 2009, and the position of software engineer has been named “the nation’s best job.” Other technology-related jobs also rated highly.

Report: Hiring Up for Workers With Mobile, Language Skills

A new report evaluating recent job postings for remote workers found that employers are looking to hire mobile developers. The report also showed an increase in postings for experts in such languages as Spanish, German and Korean, and for business planning and market strategy professionals.

Smart Grid Gets Clipped in Michigan

Yet more evidence that the smart grid industry is facing pressure to get cheaper, and fast: Michigan utility Consumers Energy may be cutting $400 million from its $500 million smart grid spending plan over the next five years, reports Smart Grid Today.