Google is completely iPhonified


Engadget Mobile has a nice screenshot of the new Google Mobile interface that appears specifically designed for the Apple iPhone. While I don’t agree that web sites should be customized for a particular device, other mobiles are sure to benefit by this move. I’m also not complaining about it as the Google optimizations are part of the reason I’m now likely to leave my Exchange server for Gmail’s IMAP offering. While I’d lose access to integrated over-the-air calendar & contacts, this new interface offers up both with a few quick button presses.I kicked the new Google interface around for a few minutes this morning: it’s quick to use and in typical Google fashion, has a simple, utilitarian design that works well. A menu-bar sits on the top and offers up: Google’s Home Page, Gmail, Calendar, Reader and More.
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Companies start catering to mobile tech users

Great article in the New York Times today on how hotels & airports are starting to “get” the mobile tech needs of their customers. New services include tech support, WiFi, electrical charging stations, even lap desks in hotel rooms. John Wolf from Marriott discusses why you’ll start seeing moveable desks in some of the chain’s hotels: ““When we tested our new bedding, we discovered people were taking the decorative pillows and they were using them to essentially nestle in and pull out their laptop…they were using the pillows to create a desk.” Yup, Mr. Wolf, been there and done that! Any chance the Las Vegas hotels will read this and make changes before CES?Have you seen any changes for the betterment of the mobile tech consumer?

Last version of Tiger released – Includes Safari 3

Today, with the release of OS X 10.4.11, Apple’s beloved Tiger took its last breath. This update to Tiger is to be the last update to an OS that helped usher Apple in to one of its most profitable and market-share changing eras in their lifespan.

The biggest addition with this update is that Apple is updating Tiger users to it’s latest version of Safari, Safari 3.
A few other updates include:

  • Improved reliability when running VMWARE’s Fusion
  • Improved compatibility when using OpenType fonts in QuarkExpress
  • Improved syncing between iPhone and Yahoo! address books
  • Improved compatibility with third-party wireless wide-area network devices
  • Improved reliability when mounting external USB hard drives.
  • Support for Microsoft Presenter Mouse 8000
  • Addressed issues with certain Apple Dashboard widgets: Unit Converter, Calculator, Stocks
  • Allowed use of the special keys on aluminum Apple Keyboards to control Aperture slideshows

Full details available here. The download should be available in Software Update.

Truth About Tip-Top

Dan Ryan has a very intelligent and coherent analysis of the whole Tip Top issue. “Many comments miss the essential point that this is really just a haggle over price between interconnecting services,” he writes, “After all, VoIP carriers pay for access to SBC’s network already. SBC’s gripe is that they pay less than carriers offering traditional service over the PSTN. What SBC has tariffed isn’t anything novel.” This is a plain-english explaination of the issue, in case you are interested.

India to spend $36 billion on telecom

India’s Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran expects telecom firms to invest nearly $35.57 billionon expanding networks in the next two to three years. He said such a large investment needed to be supplemented through foreign direct investment, according to Reuters. So folks its time to head out there, if you want to sell some gear.