EnerNOC buys up Energy Response to tackle Australia

Demand response company EnerNOC has one of the most aggressive acquisition strategies in the smart grid sector, and that doesn’t look like it’s slowing down. On Wednesday it announced that it has acquired Energy Response, a demand response provider in Australia and New Zealand.

California Lays Out Smart Meter Privacy Rules

California’s utility regulator has proposed rules on how home energy devices should protect smart meter data privacy — and whether the device is “locked” into one company’s platform or technology or not will be a big deal.

EnerNOC Reports Revenues & Losses Up in Q1

EnerNOC spent a lot of money on acquiring companies in the first quarter, and it showed in the U.S. demand response leader increased revenues and growing losses for the first quarter.

Shopping List: Smart Grid Acquisitions to Date

There have been so many acquisitions in the smart grid sector as of late; we’ve been updating the tally every couple of months. Since December there have been a couple more, so we’re updating our list once again.

Negawatts vs. Megawatts: What’s the Right Price?

A new rule giving demand response “negawatts” an equal price as megawatts of generated power on energy markets is meant to make the grid more efficient and power more affordable. But what if it backfires?

ET Water Bags $2M to Peddle Smart Water Gear

Entrepreneurs and investors have long believed water tech represents the next big market. ET Water Systems hopes to ride this wave and announced Monday that it had raised $2 million for a new irrigation control and management technology.

Demand Response “Negawatts” Getting a Pay Day

The federal grid regulator has ruled that the “negawatts” delivered by demand response companies deserve the same market prices as megawatts of generated energy — a ruling that could pay huge dividends for the demand response industry.

EnergyHub Launches Direct to Consumer Home Energy Strategy

On Sunday, at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, EnergyHub, for the first time, plans to start offering its home energy device directly to a consumer beta group, and one day soon plans to start selling its product directly to consumers.