Oracle gets a piece of PaaS with Engine Yard investment

It’s probably not a huge investment, especially by Oracle’ s usual standards, but the database giant has bought a minority stake in Engine Yard, the PHP, Ruby and Node.js Platform as a Service. The stake gives Oracle a better story — sort of — in PaaS.

VMware Launches Open-Source Cloud

VMware has entered the cloud game by offering an open-source package called Cloud Foundry, a platform as a service that should strike fear in the hearts of its compeitors, especially the likes of, Microsoft and Rackspace.

SalesForce to Buy Heroku’s Ruby Cloud for $212M

Salesforce is bulking up its position as a cloud platform for developers by agreeing to snap up Heroku, a Ruby application Platform-as-a-Service for $212 million. The deal will further establish Salesforce as a platform for app developers along with its VMforce enterprise cloud collaboration with VMware.

Another EngineYard Co-Founder Leaves The Company

Ezra Zygmuntowicz, one of the four co-founders of EngineYard, a Ruby-on-Rails focused platform as a service has left the company. A well known authority in the Rails world, Zygmuntowicz is moving to Portland and will be working on a brand new company.

Inside the Cloud: 9 Sectors to Watch

There’s already a ton of activity taking place in the cloud computing space, so much so that it can be hard to know who to watch. In many cases, it’s too early to pick winners. But there are distinct sectors of the IT industry that are particularly well suited to the on-demand, pay-as-you-go economics of cloud computing. Here are eight segments — and one company that’s a segment all its own — that we’re tracking closely. [digg=]

Hosting companies that make the jump: When it comes to reliable managed hosting, Rackspace leads the pack. (Its VMware-based Mosso offering may appeal more to enterprises trying the cloud for the first time.) Clouds like XCalibre’s Flexiscale and Joyent are already there, but don’t have Rackspace’s installed base.

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