Go enterprise–or go home?

In his Weekly Update, Colin Gibbs, the Gigaom Research curator for mobile, is ‘examining the battle for mobile enterprise app developers’. Along with considering Google’s moves to improve¬†security with its Android L release¬†in order to enhance its lead in enterprise mobile operating systems, Colin takes a look at the challenging life of mobile app developers–and how much better their efforts tend to be rewarded when they concentrate on building apps for the enterprise.

Good Technology gives enterprise apps a secure launchpad

Good Technology, which has enabled companies to extend security and management to a fleet of employee devices, is looking to extend its technology to independent software developers, corporate customers and systems integrators, by allowing them to build apps that can ride on Good Technology’s secure platform.

Enterprise app makers not fully embracing HTML5 just yet

While developers working on business apps agree that HTML5 is coming along, they’re not ready to abandon native applications. At Mobilize 2011 the theme was hybrid, where executives from Salesforce, Rhomobile and MeLLmo talked about not making a commitment to one or the other yet.

Forrester: More than half of enterprises support consumer phones

Enterprises that never expected to support personal consumer devices are slowly changing their minds, with 59 percent now supporting employee-owned smartphones in various ways. That means more opportunity for device makers and app developers to create solutions that effectively cater to both work and personal use.

Can Seesmic be lucky a third time?

Seesmic, the company best known for making consumer-facing social networking apps, has shifted its strategy for the second time in its four-year history, this time to focus on building mobile apps for the enterprise. Can the third iteration of Seesmic finally bring the company success?

Towerstream turns NYC Wi-Fi network into app distribution platform

Wi-Fi provider Towerstream is turning its superfast Manhattan Wi-Fi zone into a distribution platform for daily deal apps in a bid to monetize its wireless network, the largest in Manhattan. The company is partnering with BlisMobile, which will handle the app distribution through its AppZone service.

Will Cloud-based Mobile Enterprise Apps Ever Catch On?

[qi:gigaom_icon_mobile] While a good number of consumer mobile applications have tapped into the cloud, so far, only a handful of enterprise mobile applications have done the same. And the members of a panel of VCs at a “Mobilize the Cloud” event earlier this week at Google said they don’t think enterprise apps for mobiles will catch up any time soon. In fact, some think they never will. Read More about Will Cloud-based Mobile Enterprise Apps Ever Catch On?