Enterprise search doesn’t begin and end with Google

Paul Doscher, CEO of Lucid Imagination wants you to know that when it come to enterprise-class search, open-source Lucene is a contender. And a strong contender that can face off against Google, Amazon and Microsoft in the big data search arena.

Say goodbye to search and hello to BrainSpace

PureDiscovery, a Dallas-based big data startup, thinks it has the has the answer to outdated enterprise search technology, and it’s called BrainSpace. Its goal is to let users find information that matters without having to search for it, to bring data to users.

Today in Cloud

Oracle has acquired Endeca, a respected provider of enterprise search solutions. Oracle used their recent OpenWorld event to announce big data offerings, and I can’t help wondering if this deal was meant to be signed in time to be presented as part of that package. Arik Hesseldahl notes that financial terms have not been disclosed, with Leena Rao reporting that the company had previously raised $65 million in investment from various sources. Endeca co-founder Daniel Tunkelang (now at LinkedIn) appears pleased by the deal, but it remains unclear how easy it will be to integrate Endeca’s software into the Oracle product family. Mind you, the same could just as easily be said for HP’s comparable acquisition of Autonomy.

New York takes its engineering talent crunch to the NYSE floor

The effort to solve New York’s engineering talent crunch is coming to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in a major recruiting event hosted by Next Jump and the NYSE. The event will bring together 500 top East Coast engineering students and 50 companies.