How machine learning is taking over to make enterprise search smart

A new content-management platform called Highspot says it can make it easier for employees to find documents by employing the techniques used in web search engines. Its exact approach might be unique, but it’s not alone in trying to make enterprise search more intelligent.

Chatter builds its social supercontinent with new real-time features

Dave King of Salesforce explains how Chatter’s new real-time chat and screen sharing features fit into the company’s vision of the integrated future of enterprise social by bringing “islands of communication” together to create a social Pangaea with Chatter at its center.

Yammer time: Collaboration from the heart

Yammer has a sophisticated understanding of how customers come to value their tools. They understand that although executive leadership and groundswell support are important, it’s the heart of the company that has the greatest impact on how Yammer ends up being used.

How to use crowdsourcing techniques in your virtual team

A challenge of managing a virtual team is getting timely and thorough participation from team members. One way to ensure everyone has their say — or is at least given the opportunity to provide input — is to apply some principles of crowdsourcing to internal team communications.

Why Google+ could find a home in the workplace

Last week, Google rolled out a largely well-received beta of its new social networking platform, Google+. Having played with Google+ over the last few days, I think that it may find a home in a perhaps unexpected market: the workplace.

Podio: A Highly Customizable Enterprise Social Network

Podio is a new app that aims to shake up the enterprise social networking space by providing a tool that can be customized using a wide range of ready-to-use apps available from its App Store. This allows organizations to create a networking platform to suit employees.