Tales from the Trenches: Harvest

Remote working is often about practicing what you preach. Got an outdoor adventure brand? No chaining your employees to their desks then. Built your company late at night? Forget the nine to five. But what if your company is all about tracking time? Harvest explains.

Do we need WordPress for the enterprise?

The collaboration space is already crowded, but one expert feels there is still a gap in the market for a “WordPress for enterprise,” a flexible collaboration platform that allows businesses to tailor their collaboration suite as easily as WordPress allows them to tailor their sites.

Social business and the valley of disinterest

Finding ways to put social tools to work in business has been high on the agenda for many organizations, but new research reveals not all firms are equally interested in the idea. The very small and very large are far more interest than mid-sized companies.

Tools for the future of work: Salesforce bets on social

Salesforce EVP John Wookey shares his views on how the changing business climate is demanding new tools, what sort of solutions suit the mobile, empowered workforce of tomorrow, and what is happening when these tools collide with traditional corporate hierarchies today.

Enterprise social tools are garbage, says Red Hat CEO

Fans of enterprise social networking tools tout their ability to break down silos and pierce the executive bubble. But as hot a topic as these tools are, not everyone is a fan. Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst thinks they’re “garbage,” claiming you can’t buy collaboration.

Why is Facebook addictive but enterprise social adoption a challenge?

Harvard Business Review’s Tammy Erickson ponders a puzzling question for forward-thinking businesses – while most workers have trouble turning off the likes of Facebook in their personal lives, getting the same folks on board with enterprise social is a challenge. Why is that?

The lessons of Virgin Media’s flexible working initiative

Virgin Media announced today that it’s rolling out a suite of Cisco collaboration tools after a successful pilot. How did they ensure a widespread adoption of these tools and a smooth transition to new ways of working? Both companies share lessons from the pilot.

3 popular ways to screw up enterprise social

Enterprise social networking may be a hot buzzword but it’s still in its infancy when it comes to adoption, which adds up to a frenzy of rushed roll outs by the inexperienced. What usually goes wrong? David Lavenda of harmon.ie has a few ideas.