Office for iPad looks good, but is it good enough?

Microsoft finally launched Office for iPad, a free trio of apps enabling users of Apple’s tablet to read documents and make presentations. But the offering will have to be very compelling to get users to cough up the $99 annual subscription fee necessary to create and edit documents.

Why the enterprise is key for the iPad

Revenues from Android tablets outpaced iPad revenues for the first time in the third quarter, according to a Morgan Stanley analyst. But the market for enterprise tablets is largely untapped, which provides the iPad with a big opportunity to regain its standing.

Which OS will rule the enterprise tablet market?

The market for enterprise tablets is positioned to take off as more of us use our slates for work. It’s too early to say which platform will benefit the most, but vendors like Samsung who are willing to co-opt Android could have a big edge.

Can Android win the enterprise tablet market?

A new study indicates business-deployed tablets will outpace BYOD slates by more than two to one over the next few years. That trend could benefit vendors of Android slates who can convince their devices are at least as secure as iPads.

The business tablet market: An opportunity for Apple to innovate

Apple’s share of the tablet market decreased over the last year as smaller, more affordable gadgets have gained traction. But big opportunities exist in business tablets if Apple can create an innovative device that integrates with popular desktop software.

iPad’s enterprise growth bested only by iPhone

The iPad is leading the tablet charge in small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), resulting in a growth spurt that puts the Apple device out in front of nearly all other comers. I say nearly, because there’s still one device that sees even more activations: the iPhone.

Why Apple — Not RIM — Is Poised to Own the Mobile Enterprise

Despite a series of promising announcements at this week’s BlackBerry World, Research In Motion’s share of the smartphone market continues to erode, and no QNX handsets are yet on the horizon. Apple, meanwhile, could be poised to take RIM’s crown as king of the mobile enterprise.