LoJack for your laptop

LoJack, the car-theft prevention technology is coming to a laptop near you. Absolute Software has licnesed the brand name LoJack and will release a software product called LoJack for laptops. Basically what it does is embed a special agent in a computer’s BIOS and when that computer connects to any IP networks, the embedded Computrace agent sends a silent signal to Absolute’s Monitoring Center providing its IP address or phone number to identify its physical location. Absolute works with local law enforcement to recover the computer. The stealthy Computrace software agent can survive accidental or deliberate attempts to be removed or disabled. Apparently IBM/Lenovo’s ThinkPads have this agent. The $49 software doesn’t really work for Macs, despite the fact that handsome machines like PowerBook 12 are more likely to be stolen at the airport. Who would want to steal a lame Dell? Jeff will be too happy to give his away!