HBO, CBS and net neutrality

Underlying much of the debate of interconnection fees and paid prioritization is an unspoken and largely unexamined assumption that the current power dynamic between ISPs and content providers is both inevitable and immutable. It isn’t.

Netflix and the non-event movie

Unlike the traditional movie paradigm, the value of the “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” sequel to Netflix will not decline over time and has no particular time “window.” It is not a depreciating asset but a long term investment in audience building, which makes it a very different animal from most movies.

Apple and Beats: The human factor

What Beats has begun to build is essentially a platform, on which people in the music business can engage with groups of listeners.

The other side of net neutrality

The danger in laying down hard and fast net neutrality rules now is that they could lock in structural dynamics in the market for online content when we don’t really know how those dynamics will ultimately evolve.