Vimeo debuts Focus Forward, a film series about the big ideas in tech

Vimeo has joined forces with General Electric(s GE) and video publisher Cinelan to launch “Focus Forward” — a micro documentary series that aims to showcase big, world-changing technology innovations in a compelling way. All the videos will be three minutes long and posted online.

YouTube & its content discovery paradox

YouTube is making a massive investment in original programming. But as it increases the value of the content being produced and uploaded, it needs to get better about helping viewers find it. To do that, YouTube will need to step beyond search tackle the discovery challenge.

Codecademy launches platform to let anyone create coding lessons

Codecademy, the startup that makes an interactive and social web application aimed at teaching people how to write computer code, has gone the platform route. On Monday, the company debuted Course Creator, a platform that allows anyone to make educational courses to teach programming techniques.

5 music-focused iTunes alternatives for Mac

iTunes may be great for syncing your iOS devices, or buying songs, movies, apps and books, but it’s not exactly the most nimble music player anymore. Here are five great Mac-compatible alternatives that focus on the music, without the bloat that iTunes brings.

Facebook data: Thousands of journalists now have a Subscribe button

According to Facebook, reporters have been especially receptive to the Subscribe button feature launched in Sept. 2011. The number of journalists who have enabled the subscribe button is now in the thousands, and the average journalist has seen a 320-percent boost in subscribers since November.

Where to watch the 2012 State of the Union Address online

President Obama’s State of the Union address will be carried on all the major broadcast networks, as well as on all the cable news channels. But if you’re unable to watch on TV, the speech will be available online and on multiple mobile and connected platforms.

Will Call wants to help you decide what you’re doing tonight

You are rarely rewarded for waiting until the last minute to go to a ticketed event, especially a concert. Will Call wants to be the place to connect promoters with extra last-minute tickets to sell with the spontaneous and the procrastinators among us.

Webcomic artist experiments with iBooks Author-created monthly archive

R Stevens, an independent web comic creator who pens Diesel Sweeties, has already created an iBooks edition of his most recent monthly archive that’s available free to read on the iPad. It shows a side of the tool that could catch on with independent artists and creators.

YouTube shows Silicon Valley how it can beat Hollywood

YouTube’s announced new viewership milestone today, with more than 4 billion video views daily. That’s impressive, and more importantly, shows how YouTube could serve as a blueprint for other technology companies that wish to create an alternative to the existing media industry.