Does it matter which site you use to crowdfund?

When you’re looking to crowdfund your latest project, does it matter who you list with? Two Silicon Valley workers scraped the data to compare Indiegogo and Kickstarter, but results are mixed.

Balancing team passion and product-market fit

Entrepreneurs are often told to figure out what the market wants and to follow their passions. Unfortunately, these can be competing directions. Dave Kashen, founder of Quantum Leading, has his own bit of advice for startup founders — don’t settle for what the market wants if it doesn’t intersect with what you’re passionate about doing.

Lessons from the TSA on how to launch a startup

Can you name America’s largest startup? It’s not Facebook or Amazon. It isn’t even a technology company. This giant startup is the Transportation Security Administration, and its massive scale offers a roadmap for entrepreneurs eager to turn big ideas into sustainable businesses.

A reminder to talk to your users relentlessly

Remind101 co-founder, Brett Kopf’s dyslexia and ADD led him to create a text messaging service for students. After failing to find an audience, Kopf starting talking to users. In this video, Kopf explains how important that communication was to finding the right business.

Get Satisfaction CEO Wendy Lea: How to be a good mentor

A good mentor is invaluable for the modern startup founder or tech exec. But what makes for a good mentor relationship, and how do you find one? Get Satisfaction CEO and mentor Wendy Lea explains her approach and what she looks for in a mentee.

InternMatch CEO: Advice for finding the right advisors

Advisors may not be as sexy as angels in the startup ecosystem, but the right one can provide a ton of value for young companies. InternMatch Co-Founder and CEO, Andrew Maguire, shares his thoughts on finding and working with the right advisors to help any startup.