How founders can work with incoming CEOs (and vice versa)

When it’s time for a founder to relinquish control to an outside CEO, that relationship doesn’t have to be a contentious one. Jim Scullion was brought on to be CEO of Bunchball and explains how to form a partnership that helps the business reach the next level.

Get Satisfaction CEO Wendy Lea: How to be a good mentor

A good mentor is invaluable for the modern startup founder or tech exec. But what makes for a good mentor relationship, and how do you find one? Get Satisfaction CEO and mentor Wendy Lea explains her approach and what she looks for in a mentee.

InternMatch CEO: Advice for finding the right advisors

Advisors may not be as sexy as angels in the startup ecosystem, but the right one can provide a ton of value for young companies. InternMatch Co-Founder and CEO, Andrew Maguire, shares his thoughts on finding and working with the right advisors to help any startup.

Pickie to launch Flipboard-like app for catalog shopping

Nearly every day, it seems like yet another social commerce site springs up. But as more sites crowd the space, it becomes increasingly difficult for consumers to separate the junk from the gems. That’s where Pickie comes in.

Steve Blank on small startups, big execution & Steve Jobs

When serial-entrepreneur-turned-college-professor Steve Blank talks entrepreneurship, people listen. His new book, The Startup Owner’s Manual is bound for CEO bookshelves everywhere. Blank talked with us about the current and future state of entrepreneurship, the myth of Steve Jobs, and more.