Here’s the list of banned substances you won’t find in Apple products

In a blog post, Apple environmental head Lisa Jackson published a specification outlining which substances cannot be used in Apple products and packaging, as well as details on Apple’s investigation into whether the chemicals benzene and n-hexane were being used in final assembly factories.

Can startups afford to be socially responsible?

it’s challenging enough for startups to manage the traditional bottom line of profits, let alone the “triple bottom line” of social and environmental impacts. But, increasingly, they’re supporting business models that benefit not just their shareholders, but customers, workforce, environment and greater community.

Apple Advances in Greenpeace Charts

Once per quarter, international environmental advocacy agency Greenpeace releases its Guide to Greener Electronics, which ranks gadget and computer makers on their efforts to be more ecologically minded. Last time around, Apple (s aapl) had managed only a ninth place finish in October of last year. For this inaugural 2010 survey, it jumps four spots to fifth overall.

Apple’s score didn’t increase that much, going from 4.9 to 5.1, but some of its competitors did very poorly over the period covered by the rankings, according to Greenpeace’s analysis. What Apple did manage to do was to actually act in a way that was much more environmentally friendly than previous attempts, despite actually moving backwards in its attempts to educate the public about its ecological efforts. Read More about Apple Advances in Greenpeace Charts