The Book is Dead! Long Live the Book

Did you hear that Barnes & Noble is up for sale? The sale is a watershed event in the history of modern publishing. It foretells a future where the book of yesterday and today will look very different from book of tomorrow. And I love it.

iPad or Not, Amazon Will Still Make a $1 Billion From e-Books

The iPad, some say will kill Amazon’s Kindle Reader and setback its e-book efforts. Analysts at JP Morgan think otherwise. They believe that despite increased competition from not only iPad but other devices, Amazon can still make a $1 billion from its e-books business.

Books Are Becoming Fringe Media

Of all the books I’ve read in my life, a shockingly small percentage have been read in the past several years. The big threat to Amazon’s Kindle isn’t people reading e-books on the iPad or the Nook. It’s that books are becoming fringe media.

Kindle DX Goes Global

Amazon is going to start selling a global version of Kindle DX for about $489 starting Jan. 19. The device will sell in over 100 countries. It uses GSM technologies — GPRS, EDGE & 3G — to power Amazon’s global WhisperNet for free downloads.

Jeff Bezos on Kindle & e-Books’s chief executive officer, Jeff Bezos, in talking about the future of Kindle says he thinks it won’t be long before Amazon is “selling more electronic books than we are physical books.” He shares his Kindle ambitions with The New York Times. Here is a summary.

Kindle Gets Battery Boost, PDF Support

Amazon (s amzn) has released a series of software upgrades that make its Kindle eReader even more useful. The new software upgrades allow for more efficient management of wireless connectivity as it boosts the total battery charge to about seven days from four days, even with the wireless turned on. That’s a roughly 85 percent boost…not bad! In addition, the upgrade brings native PDF support to the 6-inch Kindles without first converting the file into a Kindle-readable format. You can simply email PDFs to your Kindle email address or move them to Kindle via the USB connection. Now that should make it easier for you to subscribe to and read all the research on GigaOM Pro on your Kindle 🙂

The Next Hot e-Reader: The iPhone

Yesterday at the urging of a friend, I ordered “Your Brain at Work” by David Rock on my iPod touch via the Amazon Kindle app. In doing so, I became one of many people who are helping the iPhone become more than just a phone. It’s latest role: e-reader. Book-related apps saw an upsurge in launches in September, according to a survey conducted by Flurry, a San Francisco-based mobile application analytics company. So much so, that book-related applications overtook games in the App Store as a percentage of all released apps. The trend isn’t an aberration. In October, one out of every five new applications launching on the iPhone was a book, Flurry said. Read More about The Next Hot e-Reader: The iPhone

Hey Mom, Even You Can Get a Kindle

{9392f75c-7287-4d03-a0c2-a2d8deb4ba7a}_kindleThe blogosphere is abuzz with the news that Amazon (s AMZN) is cutting the price of the Kindle by $40, to $259. Being an early adopter, I paid $399 for the device, which most of the time sits gathering dust, but is a constant companion when I am traveling, both locally and internationally. Sure, Amazon has brought down the price, but I still think the device is too expensive and needs to be cut by another $100, to $150, in order to make the reader truly affordable and mainstream.

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