Where to watch Wimbledon live online

Want to watch all the action from Wimbledon, without calling in sick for two weeks? No worries, tennis fans can watch much of the action online, thanks to multiple live streams. Apps for Android and iOS even make the prestigious tournament available on the go.

ESPN3 goes down during Wimbledon, Women’s World Cup

Want to watch Wimbledon or the Women’s World Cup online? Well, looks like you’re out of luck: ESPN3, which has the exclusive online rights for both competitions, has been suffering an outage this morning. There’s no word yet on when the site will return online.

Where to watch Wimbledon 2011 online

Wimbledon is always a favorite among tennis fans, and this year’s tournament will likely be no different. But how do you watch all of the action while matches are happening during the workday? Luckily, ESPN3 and NBC Sports are providing live streams of the tournament.

Microsoft Switched to HTML5 for ESPN3’s Xbox Live App

Microsoft has backed off demands for content owners to use its proprietary streaming format for live video, enabling publishers like ESPN to stream video in HTML5 instead. That could lower the cost of video delivery and open the door for more content on the game console.

New ESPN TV Everywhere Service Begins With Time Warner Cable Deal

Disney and Time Warner Cable have settled their retransmission negotiations, finalizing a deal that will keep ABC, ESPN and Disney networks on Time Warner Cable systems. But the big news for online video is that Disney is creating its first authenticated video service for ESPN networks.

World Cup Stats: The Net’s Biggest Sporting Event

Millions tuned in online to watch the World Cup, with both ESPN3 and Univision serving huge audiences. Mobile TV services have also seen significant traffic, and Twitter went down due to the surge of complaints about those vuvuzelas. Read all the details in our stats round-up.

What’s Bigger: The World Cup or March Madness?

CBS today disputed claims by ESPN said that the World Cup face-off between the U.S. and Algeria was the biggest U.S.) online sporting event ever, saying one of its March Madness on Demand live streams had more unique viewers. ESPN3, however, is standing firm.