Too Many Magazine Apps Are Still Walled Gardens

Esquire’s new magazine app for the iPad is only the latest example of something that is becoming increasingly clear: publishers are hoping you will forget about the Internet and social media and all of those other things that get in between you and their content.

Esquire Misses the Point on Twitter and the World Cup

Esquire has done what it calls a “semi-scientific” analysis of tweets about the World Cup and said it found nothing of importance beyond score updates and the kind of outburst you might hear in a bar. But is that really any surprise? It’s a conversational medium.

Wall Street Journal to Charge $17.99 a Month for iPad Subscriptions

Just when you thought the iPad might be able to breathe some life back into the failing print industry, the industry itself seems dead set on making sure that doesn’t happen. Well, certain parties within the industry at least, like maybe News Corp. for instance, if a recent report appearing in the Wall Street Journal about planned iPad subscription pricing is any indication.

The report, which, you’ll remember, appeared in the WSJ itself, cited “a person familiar with the matter” as the source of the information that the Journal would be charging $17.99 per month for iPad subscribers when the device launches next month. No, that’s not a typo where I accidentally switched “per month” for “per year.” Read More about Wall Street Journal to Charge $17.99 a Month for iPad Subscriptions