How Lanyrd went from Casablanca to conference circuit

Simon Willison is the ultimate nerd: He’s the face behind several important pieces of web technology and a developer who’s worked for some of the biggest names in the business. Now he and his wife are finding more success with events website Lanyrd.

Esther Dyson: Privacy Is a Marketing Problem

In light of recent outcry about social networking privacy lapses and potential misuse of users’ personal information, long-time web thought leader Esther Dyson had this to say at the marketing conference Pivot in New York City today: online privacy a marketing problem.

Got Ideas? Tech Companies Crowdsource Creativity With Contests

[qi:115] As the economic downturn has hammered companies’ advertising budgets, many businesses have turned to user-generated web content to get their messages out on the cheap rather than shelling out thousands of dollars to ad firms. Tech companies, including Amazon (s amzn) and Nokia (s nok), also are turning to crowdsourcing to spur fresh ideas, hosting contests this summer that ask the public to create everything from TV commercials to mobile applications in exchange for big money and other prizes. Read More about Got Ideas? Tech Companies Crowdsource Creativity With Contests

Palm Pre Losing Mojo Each Day the SDK is Held Close

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Just yesterday, I was on camera saying how much I’m looking forward to the Palm (s PALM) Pre. With my first-gen iPhone contract up in July, I’m sure to get a new phone this summer. There’s still some open questions around the Pre, such as battery life and the cost to use the phone as a tethered modem for a notebook or netbook. The biggest question I have right now is the same one I had for Google’s (s GOOG) Android device: How long before developers embrace it and deliver a vast array of software?

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Social Web’s Big Question: Federate or Aggregate?

Inventor and tech-philosopher Dave Winer Twittered tonight that federation is the hot thing, pointing to a New York Times article about Facebook Connect. And just like that he touched upon the third rail of our increasingly social web. The big question facing the social web depends on the direction it needs to take. A sharp increase in the number of web services and social networks has many of us yearning for a single sign-on, which has lead to the idea of “federation.” On the flip side, we also want one place to manage our diverse web services in one place.

Well-Traveled Angels Back Dopplr Again

Dopplr, a travel-focused social network based in Helsinki, has raised an undisclosed amount of money from an investor group led by well-known technology industry insider, Esther Dyson. It was an all-angel round of funding, something we’ve discussed on our FoundRead channel. Apart from Dyson, other investors in the company include Xing founder Lars Hinrichs and de.lici.ous founder Joshua Schachter. Saul Klein, formerly of Skype and currently with Index Partners and Seedcamp, invested again; as did he was joined by Martin Varsavsky, Reid Hoffman and Joichi Ito.

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SkyGrid Finds Gold In The Wisdom Of The Webs

If you’re like me, overwhelmed by the number of news sources you have to consume daily just to stay current (I confess to a love-hate relationship with my RSS reader), then Kevin Pomplun has a product for you: a news aggregator so clever, you don’t even have to read headlines to keep your finger on the pulse. Pomplun is the 26-year-old founder of Sunnyvale, Calif.-based SkyGrid. Read More about SkyGrid Finds Gold In The Wisdom Of The Webs