Making Games Viral for Fun and Profit

How do you make a game viral? Gamasutra, gaming industry business website, has published a new article today on five ways to market a game more, er, virally. Jon Radoff, creator of Space Empire Elite, gives a few pointers on how to gain a following and continue to grow that following after inception. In these tips, there’s a glimpse of how, if successfully marketed, a small, unknown game can become a hit. Read More about Making Games Viral for Fun and Profit

FastMac drives over new AC adapter with truck

In order to prove the superior durability of its new TruePower 65-Watt AC adapter, FastMac ran over it with a truck. And in true modern fashion, they videotaped the action and posted it to YouTube.

“Our new TruePower AC adapter is not only smaller than most 3rd party replacements it’s more durable. It can be dropped, kicked, and even run over by a truck and still work,” said Michael Lowdermilk, FastMac’s Business Development Manager. “We know because we did it and have the video to prove it.”

The new adapter is compatible with all PowerBook G4 Titanium and Aluminum (12”, 15” and 17”) models as well as G3 and G4 iBooks. According to FastMac, it provides constant wattage output that meets or exceeds Apple-Branded adapters. Its introductory price is $35.95 and includes a 1-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

This is What I’ve Been Afraid of

While the iPhone will undoubtedly change my life in untold ways (note sarcasm), I already have a smart phone and the NEED for the iPhone isn’t nearly as clear as the DESIRE. However the bit of the iPhone that would provide the most utility to me is the iPod functionality. Let’s get on with a 6th Gen release of that iPod already!

I’d love to have my hands on landscape iPods displays, touch screen capability, Cover Flow mobile edition, and so on. But it appears that Apple doesn’t want to cannibalize the iPhone sales by releasing a new iPod before the iPhone can make its way into consumers’ grubby hands. It’s understandable from a business perspective, yet annoying from mine, when all I want is a snazzier iPod…

HP nc6400: first Global Mobile Broadband PC in U.S.

We’ve already got a few notebooks with integrated wireless broadband (Dell and Lenovo come to mind), but this appears to be the first model geared towards global connectivity. If you’re a heavy-duty business traveler, you might want to cop a peek at the HP Compaq nc6400 notebook with its integrated wireless capability.

The nc6400 offers HSDPA and EDGE access on Cingular’s network here while also providing UMTS/EDGE service in up to 115 countries around the world. The starting price on the base model is $1,599 and availability is slated for later this month.

Introducing, Broadband letter from India

You can get as much information about the Chinese telecom boom as you want, but world’s second hottest market is going unnoticed and as a result, I am introducing a new once-a-week column by Dr. Abhishek Puri, who will send us the buzz about broadband from India.

Cheap Phones: You can buy a used handset for between $22-and-$30 and color mobile for $40-60. Motorola along with Hutch has started selling a $23 mobile phone. Basic, cheap and effective marketing.

DSL ramps up: DSL is growing in india too but computer penetration is laughable. In February 2005 BSNL started its DSL service. Last week I talked to a divisonal engineer from BSNL. Tariffs likely to go down in July and the company will be soon offering TV-on-DSL starting with 20 channels from state owned TV networks, Doordarshan. A lot of the ISP’s (in Bangalore) are now haemorraging customers to BSNL. I switched from Airtel (Bharti) to BSNL last month.

More BSNL: It currently offers upto 1 MP/s for home users and 2 MB/s for business users now. From July, it will gradually go up to 8mbits (I’m guessing this will only be for business users). He said that BSNL is waiting and watching the market. Frankly, it was time broadband really came to india. After 2.5 years of heavy competition, mobile phone call charges in India are pretty much among the cheapest in the world. The same thing should happen for the broadband market.

Computer prices to decline: Tax cuts will help in bringing down computer prices. Government is slashing taxed on computers from 12% to 4%. It might encourage people to buy computers but the lack of infrastructure is a problem.

Sharp SL-C3000 reviewed- is it a PDA or a UPC?

The Sharp SL-C3000 is hard to define.  It runs Linux, has an internal 4 GB hard drive and keyboard so you could say it’s a UPC and not a PDA.  Every review I have seen of the C3000 gives the distinct impression that a road warrior could easily leave the laptop behind and just carry the Sharp on trips.  Definitely sounds like a UPC to me, certainly more capable than most PDAs on the market today.  BargainPDA has the latest review of the Sharp and they do like what they see.  The author is an owner of the predecessor of the C3000 and has a solid basis for comparison.  Check out the full review and look at how small this device is for all that it packs in the little case.  I do wish it had either integrated Bluetooth or WiFi, but you can add those via expansion slots.  The coolest thing is the rotating screen that goes from clamshell to slate, like a little Tablet PC.  Too bad it’s not one.  The Sharp C3000 is only sold in Japan but you can pick it up at importers like Dynamism.


Pocket PC Tools reviews OnCourse Navigator 4

OcnDana Edwards of Pocket PC Tools has written a very thorough review of the OnCourse Navigator 4 GPS package.  OnCourse Navigator is one of the first (if not the first) navigation programs to fully support VGA in both portrait and landscape on those devices running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.  Dana has tons of screens and it is easy to determine how OnCourse might benefit the reader so check out the complete review.  BuyGPSnow also has a video demo of OnCourse Navigator and offers it in several packages with GPS receivers.

Craig Out, Paul In

Paul Otellini is going to replace Craig Barrett as Intel’s CEO and Barrett in turn would replace Andy Grove as the chairman of the board. Paul gets the new gig on May 18, 2005, and of course along with it the headaches of a giant misfiring on all cylinders.