Hot or not: The IPO market is what you make it

Those who think the IPO market is in the pits have short memories. Data from the last 20 years shows the bubble of the late 1990s was the exception, not the rule, when it comes to IPOs. That’s why they called it a bubble.

ZeeVee Launches ZViewer, An Internet Video Browser

ZeeVee’s ZViewer, an online video aggregator available today in beta, gives you access to a variety of sites and services that offer TV shows and videos, such as, Amazon’s Video on Demand, and iTunes.

Ex-E*TRADE CEO Goes Social With MOLI

Christos Cotsakos, former CEO of E*TRADE, the online brokerage firm that revolutionized stock trading in Web 1.0, will unveil his Web 2.0 company called MOLI tomorrow at DEMO. And surprise, surprise — it’s a social network! Yet Cotsakos is undetered by what is an arguably overcrowded space: In a briefing with GigaOM last week, he explained what distinguishes MOLI (the name stands for “money and living”) from others with market-leader advantages (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn) — and why he believes users will gravitate to MOLI anyway.

“People say the market has already formed,” he said, “but the market never forms. It only forms and reforms. There is still room for a handful of unique brands in this space.” Cotsakos, who founded MOLI in 2003, has had plenty of time to refine the company’s business model to ensure it might be one of them. And although odds are usually stacked against late entrants, MOLI does offer some compelling features. Read More about Ex-E*TRADE CEO Goes Social With MOLI

How to Create a Stock Panic With Two Little Words

[qi:114] When does stock research go from being a helpful insight to the irresponsible equivalent of shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater? People owning shares in E-Trade are probably wondering that today.
E-Trade (ETFC) has not exactly been a darling of the stock market lately. Its shares had fallen to close below $9 at the end of last week from $23 just four months ago amid news that its mortgage business was getting battered by the subprime mess. (Ironically, E-Trade branched into that business, via its 2001 purchase of LoansDirect, as a hedge against a brutal bear market.)
After Friday’s market closed, E-Trade warned of steeper writedowns this quarter, said earnings wouldn’t meet its previous guidance (while refusing to offer new guidance) and disclosed an SEC investigation into the firm. Read More about How to Create a Stock Panic With Two Little Words