A private-cloud market assessment in 5 quotes

Eucalyptus CEO Marten Mickos has been around the private cloud space since its inception. Nearly five years after the company’s launch, Mickos shares his thoughts on a market that rose fast, fell hard and appears to be on the rebound.

Don’t look to Europe to create an Amazon rival

Trying to come up with an Amazon of Europe is going to be hard work, said Marten Mickos, the CEO of Eucalyptus Systems. The continent has a number of issues to deal with including inertia and resistance to change.

Amazon, Eucalyptus team up for just don’t call it a hybrid cloud

Amazon and Eucalyptus announced a partnership that gives corporate customers a chance to bridge their private clouds with Amazon’s cloud that includes services such as S3 and EC2. It is a sign that Jeff Bezos’ company is aggressively moving to keep competition at bay.

NEA’s Sonsini: Cloud infrastructure still king for VC cash

Apple’s iCloud and other consumer-focused cloud efforts represent a golden opportunity for startups to raise venture capital, but it might not be from jumping on the bandwagon. According to NEA’s Peter Sonsini, the key to getting VC investment is selling the infrastructure that underlies popular clouds.

RightScale brings Zynga-like hybrid clouds to the masses

Cloud-management platform provider RightScale is launching a service to help customers manage private and hybrid clouds similar to what RightScale customer Zynga does with its vaunted Z Cloud infrastructure. Hybrid cloud computing is hot, and MyCloud might represent a better way of thinking about the model.

Why It’s Too Early to Call the Private-Cloud Fight

Despite a lot of speculation lately about who’s winning the private-cloud race and what companies might be on the way out, it’s far too early to call the game in anyone’s favor. Adoption is picking up, but it’s nowhere near ubiquitous, so there’s plenty of time.

Puma.com Runs on Eucalyptus Cloud; Is There a Lesson Here?

Athletic apparel brand Puma is running Puma.com and related sites on a Eucalyptus-powered private cloud. Puma is another well-known customer win for Eucalyptus, and that it’s running a web site on Eucalyptus infrastructure might also help suggest what the first round of private-cloud-hosted applications will be.

Jamcracker and Eucalyptus Team for Self-Service

Jamcracker and Eucalyptus announced at VMWorld today that they are partnering on an integration aimed at enabling users to self-provision their private and hybrid clouds. This announcement comes hot on the heels of last weeks announcement of a technology partnership between Eucalyptus, newScale and rPath.

Eucalyptus Anchors the Latest Cloud Software Stack

Apparently, Eucalyptus was determined to be part of an integrated cloud stack after getting left out of OpenStack, as it’s announced a technology partnership with newScale and rPath that gives businesses yet another option for their ready-to-go cloud platform needs.