Ticket seller Amiando touts ‘over 100%’ growth

Amiando, the German-focused ticket sales service owned by business network Xing, has been crowing about its growth. In fact, its stats don’t actually say a lot — but they do serve as a glowing end-of-term report for the soon-to-depart company founders.

The values-driven startup

Dave Kashen of Quantum Leading calls for a change in startup culture. He believes that when we operate according to our core values and principles, in pursuit of a vision for the future that inspires us, we maximize our individual and collective well-being.

Find More Events Through Social Event Discovery

Looking for an interesting new event to attend? Having trouble finding events, other than the ones you and your immediate friends or colleagues already know about? Going the “old-fashioned” route of finding new events through Google searches? If so, you may benefit from social event discovery.