kct opinion: Vista can run well on mobile devices

I’ve read through James’ opinion piece entitled "Vista will never run well on mobile devices" several times. I’ve also read the many comments that the post generated. While I agree with the observable facts, I’m actually finding that I have a completely different experience. How so and why is that? Good questions which I’ll address in this opinon-based article. I can only provide my thoughts from my own experiences here and there’s no doubt that your own experiences will vary. And that’s the key premise behind the issue at hand; but first: my experiences with Vista on my Samsung Q1P UMPC.

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Skype This and Skype That

Every since I posted my last piece on Skype, there has been a deluge of Skype Related information. For instance, Simon Perry has a great review of the Siemens-Skype Gigaset S440 phone. He likes it. I think it looks nice, though no idea about the quality and sound. Given that most of Siemens phones are of high quality, this will be no different. Meanwhile James “Kiddan” Enck has discovered that more and more corporate types are using Skype to manage global projects. Peace Corps and Accenture are two names he just throws out.

Shut up Rob, Get Real Rob

In the immortal words of Bill O’Reilly, SHUT UP! Rob Glaser should just get out of business while he can and go promote something dumb… like world bowling league. The dude has not clue about nothin. Why the rant? Well turn to Business 2.0’s Dumbest Moment of the Week.

We’ll make it up in volume. RealNetworks claimed victory after its $2 million half-off music sale vaulted it to the No. 2 spot in online music sales. The dumb part: It sold two-thirds fewer songs at 49 cents than Apple sold at 99 cents. As CEO Rob Glaser said, “This is no different from how physical music stores work.” Except for the making money part.

[Via business2blog.]