Payments processor Klarna to spend at least $100M on US push

The Swedish online payments processor Klarna is pushing into the U.S., and it said late Wednesday that it intends to spend at least $100 million doing so.

[company]Klarna[/company] Checkout is a competitor to the likes of [company]PayPal[/company] and [company]Stripe[/company], providing another way for online merchants to take payments. The service makes an algorithmic risk assessment of the customer, based on her behavior and credit scores – the less risky the customer, the less information they need to give to make the payment.

This low-friction approach to the buy-now-pay-later game is particularly handy in the mobile payments arena, where the less you neeed to type the better.

The Sequoia-backed firm, which is almost a decade old, is the largest payments processor in Europe, and it has been talking about its U.S. move for a couple of months. Now, it has said how much it’s willing to invest in this push — it was always going to have to be a hefty wad — and it’s also said where it’s going to set up its U.S. headquarters: Columbus, Ohio.

“We want to set a new standard for how people shop with their mobile devices. Columbus is at the heart of U.S. e-commerce activity and is the perfect launch pad for our expansion,” Klarna North America CEO Brian Billingsley said in a statement.

Carriers put the finishing touches on their 2012 LTE rollouts

Verizon is adding an additional 29 cities and towns to its 4G footprint, while Sprint and AT&T each brought LTE online in a handful of markets. All three have met their 2012 goals, but there’s still a big gap between Verizon and everyone else.

Verizon’s LTE juggernaut expands to 75% of population

With the addition of 34 new markets on Thursday, Verizon’s LTE network will envelope 235 million Americans or three-quarters of the country population. Four months before the end of the year it’s within spitting distance of reaching its 4G coverage goals, while competitors play catch-up.

Verizon begins filling the gaps in its LTE network

Verizon Wireless plans to launch 27 new LTE markets on Thursday and has been expanding its mobile broadband footprint in cities where it already offers 4G. All of that activity will amount to only 9 million new people covered, but it represents a massive geographical expansion.

New Thunderbolt accessories signal renaissance of Mac customization

Want to customize your Mac? Unless you’re happy with making changes to the RAM, you face limited options these days. But a wave of new Thunderbolt accessories could soon help your Mac do a pretty good impression of more expensive professional machines, like the Mac Pro.

Could a Dockable iPhone Be a Better Netbook?

PowerBook Duo: A hint of things to come?

PowerBook Duo: A hint of things to come?

PC Mag’s Sascha Segan posed an intriguing question the other day: “If you put a smartphone in a dock, it could replace a netbook. So why hasn’t anyone succeeded at doing that?”

Good question.
Now that I’ve been thinking about it, the idea of a dock into which you could pop an iPhone or an iPod touch, thereby quickly connecting it to a decent-sized external display, keyboard and mouse, some USB ports, Ethernet, and maybe an SD Card slot, you would have, if not best of both worlds, at least an attractive hybrid. Read More about Could a Dockable iPhone Be a Better Netbook?