Web Work 201: Getting Over the Hump

humpSo you’re well into your web working career (hopefully thanks, in part, to the posts featured in our just-released free “Web Work 101” e-book), and you’ve gotten off to a great start, but after a certain amount of time (it will differ from person to person), things start to lose their zest. The honeymoon is over, so to speak, and it’s time to dig in and build a solid foundation upon which a long lasting career can be built. Read More about Web Work 201: Getting Over the Hump

Hulu Grew 33% in February

Though we’ve worried that Hulu’s success might make it a victim, by driving its content providers to limit their offerings and provoking cable companies to get in the game, the site keeps growing its wedge of the American audience.
If Hulu can keep moving up the charts, it may just capture enough hearts and minds to stay there for the long term. The company is now the No. 4 biggest video streamer in the U.S., according to comScore, and the No. 2 according to Nielsen. comScore reports the site grew its number of viewers 42 percent and its number of streams 33 percent in February, a shortened month that saw a drop for most video sites in the top 10.
Here’s Hulu’s account of its rise:
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Nvidia to Offer Its Chips in the New Cray Desktop

After more than two years of pushing its scientific computing efforts, Nvidia’s graphics processors will be offered as an option in the newest line of Cray desktop supercomputers. The chipmaker plans to announce next week that its Tesla chips can be used in the $25,000 Cray desktop supercomputer, according to Nvidia spokesperson Andrew Humber. He said Nvidia has been in talks with Cray ever since the chipmaker announced its Tesla line of graphics processors in 2007, but that this is the first deal the two companies have inked. Read More about Nvidia to Offer Its Chips in the New Cray Desktop