Rich Barton’s New Startup to Re-think Travel Planning

It’s hard not to be intrigued by the bits of information that have filtered out of stealthy startup New Travelco, which comes from Expedia, Zillow and Glassdoor founder Rich Barton, along with other “early Expedians” including Greg Slyngstad, co-founder of VacationSpot and board member of Kayak.

How Priceline Got Its Mojo Working Again

priceline1Of all the dot-com superstars that appeared in the ’90s, shone brightly and then disappeared from sight, few have been granted a second act. One exception is Priceline (s pcln), which 11 years after it was founded — and 10 years after its stock price collapsed — is quietly thriving. It’s no superstar now, but it’s an interesting case study of how an online company once written off for dead can in fact age gracefully. Read More about How Priceline Got Its Mojo Working Again

TripIt Offers Developers a Cut

img_tripit_logo_tagline_horizontalTripIt, which aggregates people’s travel arrangements from various web sites into one web itinerary, is rolling out a referral program today that lets developers who build apps on top of its API receive a 10-20 percent cut of the sales from its TripIt Pro premium subscription service. The San Francisco-based startup released TripIt Pro, which offers customers real-time flight information for $69 a year, in June. Read More about TripIt Offers Developers a Cut

Kayak-SideStep Merge, Ride Ahead Is Rocky

In a surprise move, two vertical search sites, Kayak and SideStep decide to merge. The deal gives Kayak the heft, making it the fifth largest online travel destination. But that doesn’t mean it is immune from challenges posed by a slowing economy and its impact on the travel industry at large.