ExtendMedia Extends TV Everywhere to New Screens

ExtendMedia has added new functionality to its white-label video management and distribution platform, enabling media companies to deliver their TV Everywhere services beyond the PC to new screens. With the latest update to its OpenCASE software platform, ExtendMedia supports video distribution to mobile devices, game platforms, set-top boxes, and even Internet-connected HDTVs.

The news comes as media companies have begun to think about extending TV Everywhere services — which enables users to view on demand videos from cable networks that they’ve paid to subscribe to — beyond their PCs to viewing those videos on other connected devices. The software update drastically expands support for multiple mobile platforms and devices, allowing publishers to easily send their video assets to iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry mobile phones. The update also enables easy distribution to the Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console, as well as set-top boxes and connected TVs that use Oregan’s Onyx or Yahoo’s (s YHOO) TV Widgets framework for displaying web video.

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Brightcove Targets TV Everywhere with New Solution Pack

Brightcove is jumping on the TV Everywhere bandwagon by introducing a new “solution pack” that will give broadcasters and cable networks tools they’ll need to roll out new video services tied to consumer cable subscriptions. The TV Everywhere Solution Pack (TVE-SP) is built on top of the company’s recently released Brightcove 4 video platform, adding support for authentication and rights management that are necessary for new paid-for video services.

TV Everywhere is an industry-wide initiative through which programmers and cable companies are collaborating to give customers access to on-demand video content from cable networks that they’ve paid to subscribe to. But to do so, they need to connect with each other to ensure a user that’s trying to access certain content has paid for it.

To enable programmers to make that video content available to those that subscribe to their channels, Brightcove has struck a partnership with SaaS identity management firm Ping Identity to add SAML 2.0-based authentication and authorization compliance tools. Since each cable provider will have a different authentication scheme to log in and view content subscribers pay for, support for standards-based authentication will let programmers roll out services more quickly.

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Comparing Video Platforms: Ooyala Gets Live, Extend Amps Up Paid

With video platform companies adding more bells and whistles and claiming to do everything a content maker could ever want, lately it takes a little more work to see which rig is right for your needs. But that dilemma’s being somewhat eased by VidCompare, a new informational site about white-label video offerings. We’d resisted writing about VidCompare because it’s run by a guy who’s VP of marketing at white-label video competitor Fliqz, but in the last month found multiple occasions to use the site as a reference.

Speaking of adding bells and whistles, two video platforms today made new feature announcements. To check on how their revised offerings stack up, you might want to visit VidCompare. Here’s the news:

Ooyala released live-streaming, including real-time analytics. Live is still one of those categories where there are dedicated companies (for instance — full disclosure — our parent company uses Livestream for our conferences). But it’s definitely compelling to bring live into a full-featured platform like Ooyala’s, and align all your branding, advertising and analytics in one place. Ooyala said customers already using live streaming include Electronic Arts and the AVP beach volleyball tour. Here‘s VidCompare’s list of video platforms that offer live streaming.


Elsewhere, ExtendMedia filled out its monetization platform to better support all sorts of business models. Extend users can now enable commerce, subscription and pay media through options like conditional access, bundles, digital lockers, gift cards and many other options. Extend, whose customers tend to be larger media companies and network operators, has said it will power multiple “TV Everywhere” offerings for Tier 1 multichannel operators.

ExtendMedia Wants to Power Your TV Everywhere

While most of the technology discussion around ongoing “TV Everywhere” initiatives to give web video access to satellite, telco and especially cable subscribers have centered on authentication — i.e., how do would-be viewers prove they’re subscribers — there’s obviously got to be a lot more going on under the hood.
Just about every existing television provider is pursuing a “TV Everywhere” project to give subscribers more and better access to content over the web in a bid to prevent them from cutting their cords down the line. See our “Everything You Need to Know about TV Everywhere.”
Video platform startup ExtendMedia announced today it has put together a video management platform called OpenCASE Publisher built specifically to power such efforts. The product is built to handle ingestion and distribution of massive amounts of content, and also ties into Extend’s existing line of products for advertising, upselling watchers to paid products, managing content across multiple devices, etc.
ExtendMedia CEO Tom MacIsaac told NewTeeVee last week that Extend already has three Tier 1 multichannel operators signed to launch TV Everywhere initiatives using OpenCASE this fall. He did not specify which operators, but said they are not Comcast (s CMCSA) and Time Warner (s TWX), the two providers who have been most public about their plans. MacIsaac emphasized that the projects Extend is working on are full launches, not just trials. Some previous customers of Extend include AT&T (s T), Bell Canada and Cablevision (s CVC).
Comcast, which is working together with Time Warner on a TV Everywhere trial, is known to be using thePlatform (which it owns) and Move Networks for its “OnDemand Online” deployment.

Vid-Biz: Take180, 3-D TVs, CEOs

Take180 has 9M Views Since Last Fall; Disney-owned studio formally launches with three participatory web series: My Date, I <3 Vampires, Electric Spoofaloo. (release)
3-D TVs Could Account for 10% of Global TV Sales by 2011; but only if industry agrees on autostereoscopic standard, according to Screen Digest. (release)

Digital Media CEOs Worth Less
; Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer lost $6 billion and Netflix’s Reed Hastings is the lone gainer on paidContent’s chart of how digital media CEOs’ holdings changed in 2008. (paidContent)

Reckitt-Benckiser to Shift $20M to Web from TV
; major advertiser had measured-media budget of $475 million last year, with less than $1 million on the web; now employing video ad networks to get cheap CPMs. (AdAge)
iWidgets Signs Revision3; will distribute Diggnation via Facebook application. (release)
ExtendMedia Names Tom MacIsaac CEO; was previously on startup’s board as partner at BlueRun Ventures, prior to that was CEO of AOL-acquired Lightningcast. (emailed release)

Entertainment Tonight Comes to the iPhone
; get your celebrity news on the go with application developed by Rhythm New Media. (emailed release)

ExtendMedia Raises $10M for Video Platforms

ExtendMedia, which powers consumer video services for customers including media companies and consumer electronics makers, has raised $10 million in Series C funding.

Vid-Biz: Gmail Video, Flip, ConAgra

New Video Chat Options From Google and TokBox; Plugin allows video chat embedded within the Gmail interface (CNET), while TokBox now lets users watch and discuss YouTube videos, SlideShare presentations and video mails together. (emailed release)
Pure Digital Ranked Fifth on Deloitte’s 2008 Fast Technology 500; maker of the Flip Digital video camera made the list of fastest-growing companies in North America with reported revenues of $54.6 million in 2007, an increase of 44,667 percent from 2003 revenues of $122,000. (emailed release)
ConAgra and MSN Partner for Comedy Series; The Working Lunch aimed at building buzz for the Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers line of foods. (AdWeek)
YouTube Brings Back Project: Direct; short film competition requires the use of a red phone prop, winner gets a trip to the Sundance Film Festival. (YouTube Blog)
Joost Appoints Jason Gaedtke to CTO; can his technical guidance help the once high-flying startup regain some of its lost luster? (emailed release)
ExtendMedia Launches OpenCASE 3.0; product manages the publishing and delivery of digital content across PCs, televisions and mobile devices. (release)
BoinxTV Now Shipping; video tool for podcasters comes in either a sponsored edition ($199) or an ad-free edition ($499). (The Apple Blog)