Judge steps down over U.S. ‘enemy’ comment in Megaupload case

The surreal global saga pitting the entertainment industry against a technology cult hero has taken a new twist. The judge presiding over the extradition of Kim Dotcom, founder of file-sharing site Megaupload, has stepped down over a controversial comment about US copyright law.

Criminalizing links: Why the Richard O’Dwyer case matters

The U.S. government continues to try and extradite British college student Richard O’Dwyer for simply linking to copyright-infringing files, on a site located in the UK. If they are successful, it could change the way we think about some of the fundamental underpinnings of the web.

Megaupload Case Grows Bigger, Stranger

A New Zealand court today delayed its decision over whether to grant bail to the founder of Megaupload after prosecutors argued that Kim Dot…