Rethinking Facebook’s role in ‘f-commerce’

While Facebook commerce has been a dud, 8thBridge believes there is a future in f-Commerce, though it means rethinking the role Facebook plays in it. The company unveiled a new new social commerce platform on Tuesday, that doesn’t rely on steering shoppers to Facebook stores.

Facebook store flops demand a shift in emphasis

Last week, a negative Bloomberg story about Facebook storefronts described how GameStop, Gap, J.C. Penney and Nordstrom had closed their Facebook stores. That doesn’t mean retailers should give up. Instead, they should put their Facebook stores in the hands of their marketing and promotions staff and prioritize marketing objectives over sales.

A dispatch from the new e-commerce front: Facebook

E-commerce is, like, so 2010. These days, all the cool businesses are on to “F-commerce.” And developers are seeing an opportunity to cash in as well. In Austin, veteran web developer Steve Golab has pivoted his entire business to capitalize on Facebook.