I wonder how other music services are feeling today

Music services such as MOG, Rhapsody and others were expected to be part of the big Facebook re-launch. They were, except as an afterthought. Somewhat predictably, Mark Zuckerberg brought the CEO of Spotify on stage while competitors were relegated to little icons on a single slide.

Facebook gets a big infrastructure boost for Timeline

Facebook is putting its already immense infrastructure through an unprecedented stress test, says the social network’s vice president of engineering. That’s because the new Timeline feature takes multiple data inputs — from status updates to your songs on Spotify — and turns them into a daily journal.

Facebook, Timeline and the power of the past

Timeline is more than a design change: It’s a bigger push by Facebook to mine the opportunity in the past. Timeline means there can be a point to all of this sharing: a lasting repository that helps paint a picture of your life.

Media companies revisit their AOL days with Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the social-reading apps the network launched with The Washington Post and other outlets would change the “way the news industry works,” but it feels more like those outlets have signed over a big part of their destiny to an AOL-style portal.

The data visualization geek behind Facebook’s Timeline

Facebook’s new Timeline feature tries to make sense of the things you’ve been sharing to tell the story of your life. To do so, the company turned to someone who became famous for making infographics about the music he likes and the booze he drinks.