Facebook Picks Online Video Partners

Though Facebook has never been that strong on the video front, online media companies are well represented in a small group of launch partners for Facebook Connect, the company’s new tool for authenticating users and sharing information and relationships on other sites that launched today at its F8 conference. Some eight of the 24 launch partners — CBS.com, The Insider.com, CNET, CollegeHumor, Disney-ABC Television Group, Hulu, Seesmic and Vimeo — are in the video space.

Facebook had only just added a video upload application of its own at last year’s F8, long after it had become a mainstay of competitor social networks. The company itself could definitely use some video production chops, and video-related third-party applications haven’t been that popular on its platform.

The actual integrations via Facebook Connect open up a new dimension to things like watching video on Hulu, which doesn’t have its own social features. Now users logged into both Facebook and Hulu will be able to share videos with their friends. This integration makes sense for a video site, where the experience can be mostly passive. It seems like a much better solution than Hulu building its own social network.

Live From f8Con

I am hanging out here at the Facebook developer conference, just generally taking in the sights and sounds. The venue is getting crowded, even though we’ve still got over an hour to go before the Facebook executives take the stage. You can check out my preview on what to expect, and also enjoy some of these photos I grabbed with my iPhone. Apologies in advance for the not-so-great quality.

Update: 1.11 p.m.: The room is filling up, though not as much as I would have thought. Facebook has an army of people, including its senior management team, hanging around.

Update: 1.35 pm: Mark is on stage talking about the year, recaps the year, admits that there have been mistakes. He points out things that are going to be different. Clear sense of mission is what we are all about. I think it was difficult for us to write down what our core mission was. I was traveling through Istanbul, and I got a chance to put down my devices and clear my mind, and think about what what we were doing. Talks about the dinner with a Turkish entrepreneur and points out that is when the light went off.

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